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You never know when you need an up-to-date resume

Whether you are looking for a job or are currently in a position, having a dynamic resume is essential to your career as a professional. Job search, networking, interviewing and linkedin profiles begin with the elements of strong resume. A resume takes time and is truly a work of art and one format definitely does not fit all. Below are…read more →

Powerful Questions and Techniques to move from being Stuck in a Rut to Kicking Butt

We have all been stuck in our lives at some point and experienced the dissatisfaction that comes from not achieving results, experiencing our full potential and having an inner sense of fulfillment. We may have felt inadequate, disappointed, lonely and even frustrated but not understood how to move forward effectively and tackle our challenge. This post outlines the top reasons…read more →

In a Career Transition? Check out the Career Coaching Lab

In Career Transition and want assistance looking for a job? Check out the Career Coaching Club, a unique concept of lecture and lab to help professionals get the necessary work done so that they can be prepared to find a employment more quickly. Career Coaching Club begins Monday October 31, sign up soon seats are limited.

A professional Career Coach helps you clarify your career goals

Choosing a Career Coach to help you with your Career Transition or Career Development is an important decision. There are several factors to consider to find the right coach for your specific needs. Career Services differ dramatically from coach, to coach and from service provider to service provider. Below is a clear comprehensive list of what services and deliverables my…read more →

The road less traveled requires some leaps and planning

Here are 10 points to help you if you are making a career transition and are looking for encouragement and direction. 1.There is a reason why you have discomfort in your current line of work and have a desire to do something different…respect that and use it. Questioning is part of the process and so are the hurdles. 2. Remember that many people will not take…read more →

What to look for when hiring a Career Coach

  Coaching experience, number of individuals coached, years of experience, types of situations, why they chose to be a coach. Specific coach training, skills, experience, certifications, additional training and ongoing learning. Coaching specialties or type of clients they work with. General philosophy and style of coaching. The coach’s ability to listen to the underlying story and address in a variety…read more →

Twas the Day of the Interview

Twas the day of the Interview and I had prepared Though I still felt a bit nervous and slightly scared  My accomplishment statements were written with care And I had my best suit cleaned and ready to wear My resume had been simplified and revised I even got rid of the typos and the lies Key skills were highlighted to…read more →

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