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Powerful Questions and Techniques to move from being Stuck in a Rut to Kicking Butt

We have all been stuck in our lives at some point and experienced the dissatisfaction that comes from not achieving results, experiencing our full potential and having an inner sense of fulfillment. We may have felt inadequate, disappointed, lonely and even frustrated but not understood how to move forward effectively and tackle our challenge. This post outlines the top reasons why people get stuck and questions that can be the catalyst to getting out of the rut and kicking some butt.

What is a stuckism?

N.   The reason one is stuck in their endeavors and are confused, scared, paralyzed or unable to take concrete action and move forward toward a positive outcome.

#1   Lack of Confidence, Trust or Belief in Oneself 

Experience – If you had 50% more confidence than you do right now…what would you do?

#2   Lying to Ourselves

Truth – What truth do you avoid saying out loud?

#3   Unclear Direction

Clarity- What specific steps do you need to take?

#4   Negative Inner Thoughts or Behavior Patterns

Possibility – When is your story not true?

#5  “Nuts & bolts” Logistical Issues

Knowledge – Where do you have “I don’t have an Eraser for my Pencil Syndrome” issue?

Listen to Heather Wieshlow talk about how to move from being Stuck in a Rut to Kicking Butt 

#6   Not the right Type of Support or Environment

Energy – What are you tolerating in your life?

#7   Not taking Responsibility or being Accountable

Power – If you took responsibility what would you have to give up?

#8   Need for Approval…Fear of Judgment

Acceptance – What are you most afraid of when someone judges you?

#9   Disconnect from Heart, Spirit & Creative Resources

Connection – If a six year old was looking at your situation, what would their advice be?

 #10 Decision Paralysis

Certainty – What circumstances have allowed you to make the best decisions of your life?

 #11  Overwhelm, not enough Bandwith

Progress – What matters most at this time? 

 #12  Perceived Loss or Consequence

Perspective – If you were writing your autobiography, what would you say about your perceived loss?


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