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Customize your Life During a Career Transition

During a career transition you have the opportunity to custom design a life of your choice. The path to accomplishing this includes clearly identifying your goals, setting a new direction, doing the homework and, “getting really comfortable in your own skin”. Once individuals courageously discover who they really are and understand what is most important to them, the process begins to fall into place. Then by designing a specific plan to accomplish your desired results and creating celebratory milestones along the way a new way of living and working will begin to appear. The following seven coaching questions can help you gain the insight and perspective that is needed in order to begin designing a life of choice.

What are your natural talents?
What talents do you have in the various areas of your life? What are your leadership skills, work style, social and mechanical abilities? What is your area of intellect? How do your express your emotional openness? What are your natural gifts that you were born with?

What talents do other people see in you?
What positive feedback has your friends, family, previous managers, co-workers or even strangers given you? What insight have your received on employee evaluations or in school?

What are your interests and hobbies?
What types of books do you own? What do you love to do in your spare time? Who do you spend your time with? If money weren’t a concern, what would you do to help others?

What are you passionate about?
What do you care about? What do you get angry about? What could you converse about for hours without tiring?

What personal assets do you possess?
What do your job experience, education, and training offer you? What life experiences, circumstances, personal contacts, equipment, space and other belongings do you have that might be an asset? What knowledge or insights do you have that gives you an advantage in a particular area?

What is your mission for this lifetime?
What is your reason for living? What deeply held social beliefs or injustices do you want to change? What traumatic life experiences or problems have you overcome? If you died today what difference did you make in your corner of the world?

What are your values?
What do you stand for? What is most important to you in your life? What are the core elements of your being?

Ponder these questions, journal and having important conversations with people you respect. From the answers you will begin to design a roadmap to creating a life and career that are customized for you, one filled with meaning, passion, and purpose. Don’t be afraid to take chances, ask for help and enjoy your journey of self-discovery!


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