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Coaching inspires you to take action whether you’re in the Discovery PhaseDesign PhaseDevelopment Phase of your professional career, or if you’re just looking for ways to enhance your Personal Foundation Skills. Through the process you will clarify your goals and objectives, create an effective plan of action and learn more about who you are as an individual. Career Coaching is partnership that offers a new way of looking at problems, a way to gain strategies that are effective, helpful resources, a venue for creative brainstorming and a person who you can honestly talk with and that is committed to your success in life.
Hesitation, procrastination and uncertainty can hold you back from what you want in life. Coaching helps you move past any obstacles and compassionately holds you accountable for taking personal responsibility and action at an optimum level. Coaching celebrates successes, acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and increases learning at all levels. If you are ready to take the next step and want the assistance of a professional,take a moment to learn more about the Coaching Experience and Coaching FAQ’s.
Workshops give professionals the mental outlook and strategic tools needed after being downsized, laid off, terminated or in gaining clarity about “what they want to be when they grow up”. They are also very helpful for individuals who simply want to continue their professional growth in their current career position and want to continually challenge themselves in new opportunities and learning. A variety of topics include refining your interpersonal skills, discovering the best career fit, effective job search strategies and managing your career more strategically at every level. Presentation Descriptions and Upcoming Calendar of Events
Join professionals from around the country for these informative tele-classes focusing on specific issues faced by professionals in their careers or in a transition. This convenient format creates an opportunity to learn career success strategies while interacting with other individuals that are experiencing similar situations. Sessions are recorded for easy reference and are an economical way to learn. Upcoming Calendar of Events
Want to learn more about yourself? Taking self-assessments allow you to understand more about your personality, skills, career interests and communication style. Understanding these important aspects of your nature can help you determining which occupations or careers would be best suited for you.List of Assessments.
Have an important meeting coming up? Let a professional help facilitate a dynamic learning experience for your group and give individuals a way to express their viewpoints about the topics that are most important to them. This is an excellent forum to address post-layoffs issues and a way to bring employees together to recreate a cohesive work environment. Upcoming Calendar of Events
Our Year in Review Retreat is a life changing opportunity for clients and their “significant others” to review the past year’s successes and work on goals for the upcoming year in a connective, nurturing, environment. There will be time for silent reflection, partner work, group discussions and a dinner at the end of the day to celebrate the upcoming year with new found friends. Contact Us for additional Information.
Move toward your career objectives with the guidance of a Career Coach and other professional individuals in a supportive and interactive team atmosphere. This weekly meeting will help individuals overcome the various roadblocks that are often experienced in moving forward and obtaining important career objectives. Topics include dealing with the emotional factors of an ongoing job search, resumes, interviewing, job search strategies, job search plans, networking and much more. Upcoming Calendar of Events
Lunch and Learn programs offer employees an opportunity to take part in a short, informative training or presentation session during their lunch hour. Lunch is usually catered and individuals will have the opportunity to learn more about topics that influence their careers, workplace communication and collaboration. Contact Us for additional Information
Heather’s speaking style is highly interactive, energetic, motivating and informative and is sure to delight your audience. Participants will walk away with a true experience of learning while being entertained, gain pertinent information that is useful and have the opportunity to have important thought provoking conversations with each other. Presentations are customized specifically for your group and are relevant to the questions professionals face today in the world of work, communication and creativity. They can be presented to fit your time requirements for a live presentation, on a teleclass or webinar or in a workshop format. Upcoming Calendar of Events or Contact Us for additional information
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