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Getting to Know Heather

  • I own over 300 pairs of socks and even have all of them organized by color.
  • I am an avid learner and regularly take classes that make me stretch into new endeavors. Examples include stand-up comedy, woodworking and even pottery making. I believe in asking my clients to stretch into areas of their life that are uncomfortable so that they can learn and deal with challenges that they face. I figure it’s only fair that I do my best model this same concept by stretching myself.
  • I have a dare devil side to me and enjoy all kinds of activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving, rappelling, and trapeze, and have even walked across fire numerous times.
  • I play a pretty mean game of air hockey, love the outdoors and traveling among many other things.
  • I am known as “Julie the Cruise Director” for bringing my friends together for off-beat adventures and events. Check out 365 Things to do around Orange County.
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