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Career Phases


career discoveryYou may be in the Discovery Phase and are questioning the status quo, wondering how you can find a career that is both financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. A career that you believe would truly be in alignment with your life purpose, values and expertise. This is a common challenge that many people run into and we enjoy guiding you through a Seven Stage Life Purpose Plan that will bring about a clear direction and a deep sense of inner transformation.

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career designIn this phase individuals have a fairly clear idea of who they are, the type of position they are interested in and the type of environment they are best suited for. They are seeking specific information and strategic skill set that they need to obtain a fulfilling career. This may include information on resumes, interviewing, salary negotiation, networking and much more. To help you find out if you are in the Design Phase of your Career Transition, answer the questions in the Design Phase of the Career Quiz or go to the Design Resources.

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In this phase individual have found employment and are seeking ways to become more productive in their work, deal with change more effectively, resolve conflicts, and increase their ability to grow in their current positions. It focuses on the areas of interpersonal skills, creativity and communication. To help you find out if you are in the Development Phase, answer the questions in the Development Phase of the Career Quiz or go to theDevelopment Resources.

Personal Foundation

shakinghandsPersonal Foundation is an underlying aspect to each of the phases and is extremely influential in determining the success of the Career Phases. It is important for individuals to know what areas may be weak and identify areas that need reinforcement. The emphasis is on the “soft skills” of success and offer ways to grow and mature as an individual. It includes areas such as emotional management, organization, communication and personal development. To help you find out if you need to reinforce your Personal Foundation, answer the questions in thePersonal Foundation of the Career Quiz or go to the Personal Foundation Resources.

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