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Employment Networking Groups in Southern CA

Employment Networking Groups in Southern CA

These employment networking groups offer an excellent opportunity to learn job skills and network among other job seekers in the Southern CA area. Each group sends out job leads and offers opportunities for their members to connect. Remember givers gain. Get involved with the organization so that you really get to know the people. When going through the job listings, forward jobs that may be of interest to others and who you feel are qualified. The law of reciprocity comes into play when they find opportunities that you are best suited for your experience.

A professional Career Coach helps you clarify your career goals

Choosing a Career Coach to help you with your Career Transition or Career Development is an important decision. There are several factors to consider to find the right coach for your specific needs. Career Services differ dramatically from coach, to coach and from service provider to service provider. Below is a clear comprehensive list of what services and deliverables my…read more →

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