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Solving the Career Conundrum…”I’m Stuck in my Job Search and Don’t Know What to Do”

Join in a Career Round Table Discussion that answers job seekers most pertinent career transition questions and provides resources needed to go from being in a Career Conundrum to taking Inspired Action. Simply send your most burning question to Heather Wieshlow – Chief Career Strategist at who will then customize a presentation that addresses the specific needs of the group. No question is too small or too big! If you want to know more about organizing your job search, staying motivated, making sense of the many job search strategies, knowing what to do in an interview or any other topic, this is your chance to ask.  In this highly interactive format, participants will learn the timeless principles of effective job search, gain an understanding of today’s current reality and receive tools that are practical and can be put into use immediately.


Effectively Managing the Roller Coaster of Emotions during your Job Search

If you are unemployed, you know that conducting a successful job search takes emotional fortitude and resilience. At times it may feel like you’ve taken a front seat on the Rollercoaster Express of Emotions and are hanging on for dear life, as you experience the numerous twists and turns of your career transition. On any given day you may experience a feeling of euphoria as your situation starts to look up, then the next day feel as if you are plummeting down into a spiral of despair when a golden opportunity fails to materialize, then catapulting back up into happiness the next day when you hear of yet another position that you are perfectly suited for. Being unemployed reveals your human vulnerability, requires that you step out of your comfort zone and challenges you to take on the responsibility of dealing with the practical issues of managing your finances. In this presentation, learn how to use key strategies and skills to maintain a positive attitude, stay productive and persevere despite any difficulties you might be experiencing.

  • Learn why Emotional Intelligence plays such a critical role in your job search.
  • Participate in a self-discovery process to identify underlying feelings that influence your attitude.
  • Determine how your uncomfortable feelings actually are the key to you getting hired.
  • Familiarize yourself with over 150 practical Tools for Transition that will help shift your attitude quickly and effectively.


How to Master the Art of Non-Verbal Communication during your Career Transition

Within 10-15 seconds of meeting someone whether it is in a networking event or an interview, you will have made an impression that will influence all of your future interactions from that point forward. Research indicates that in this very short amount of time, it isn’t just the words you say but is more specifically the non-verbal communication clues you express. People watch for movement, gestures, touch, spatial boundaries and your vocal nuances to decide if they can trust you and if they think they want to get to know you further. However, our ability to effectively communicate can be hindered by a lack of awareness, cultural or family conditioning, life-long beliefs or even habitual patterns. In this highly interactive session, gain greater mastery and awareness of the key factors that influence your own non-verbal communication and learn to become more adept at reading the subtle clues that can give you the insight into knowing how to communicate with others in order to get results you want. Participants will have an opportunity to receive personalized feedback in a fun, supportive group atmosphere that will provides tremendous insight for all of their personal and professional interactions.

  • Understand the five core truths of non-verbal communication and how they relate to every interaction you have.
  • Discover your own personal blind spots in conveying congruent non-verbal communication.
  • Learn specific tools that you can use to manage stressful feelings that interfere with your ability to relate and communicate.
  • Gain greater mastery in interpreting non-verbal clues with yourself and in observing others.


 Powerful Questions and Techniques to Move From Being Stuck In A Rut to Kicking Butt!

We have all been stuck in our lives at some point and experienced the dissatisfaction that comes from not achieving results, experiencing our full potential and having an inner sense of fulfillment. We may have felt inadequate, disappointed, lonely and even frustrated but not understood how to move forward effectively and tackle our challenge. If we just knew what it was that was holding us back and had ways to get going again, most of us would. In this unique, lighthearted presentation learn what core issues prevent you from moving forward and the powerful questions and techniques that can help move you from being Stuck in a Rut to Kicking some Butt!

  • Why being stuck in a rut is a breakthrough just waiting to happen
  • Learn the most common reasons why people get stuck and how to accurately pinpoint those key areas
  • Realize how this understanding will help you move forward in a career search, a job, or a project you have yet to tackle
  • Questions and techniques that can be used to generate positive activity


The Making of a Superhero

We are all Superhero’s in our lives. As Superhero’s we each have a mission in life and our background is key in preparing us to do good, affect positive change in the world, deal with adversity and challenge the ever present protagonist/s. In this presentation, become aware of how you have became the superhero you are today and what key influential factors have shaped you into who you are as an individual. Explore how you can personally become part of the superhero movement and make a difference in your community and with the issues that are near and dear to your heart.  So grab your cape, embrace your inner superhero and join us as we set off on an exciting adventure! Real life Superheroes unite!

  • Discuss the impact of Nature vs Nurture on defining a Superhero
  • Become aware of the seven key influencers that shape you into the superhero you are today
  • Understand how Superheros deal with the challenges and adversity they face
  • Evaluate what your Superhero mission is and how to fulfill your destiny


The Future of Work and What it Means to You

The world of work is rapidly changing and requires that professionals look at their careers in an entirely different way than their parents and grandparents generation. The changing dynamics around the globe, innovative technology, a 24/7 workforce and environmental issues are creating new opportunities and challenges for workers and employers alike. In order to have, successful careers in the future, it is important to rethink how to stay marketable in the workforce, reconsider how we define what a job is and master the skills that will allow for success in a highly competitive marketplace. This presentation will examine key trends and influencing factors that can help you understand what to expect and how to be prepared for the future of work.

  • Explore key differences of the workforce of today and the workforce of tomorrow
  • Understand how a transparent reputation will be a foundational cornerstone of your career
  • Learn what attributes and skill sets will be required of professionals in the future
  • Check out some new exciting opportunities and trends that you can take advantage of


The Art of Networking

Statistics show that 75-80% of all jobs and new ventures are found through the art of networking, yet many people find themselves at a loss when it comes to utilizing this process to further their career or business. Many times they have let their network go dormant or have not made contacts with people in their industry and find themselves without a net to work. Yet, still other people commit major networking faux pas and blunders that limit their ability to connect with others and often create an unfavorable impression despite their best efforts.  Be honest and ask yourself, do you feel that you are utilizing a effective networking strategy to meet the kinds of people that can guide you toward your chosen field or endeavor? Do you network but find that you dislike it and want to know how you can enjoy the process more? Are you networking but have few results to show for it? Do you consider yourself a master networker, yet often find that you are the one helping others and that you are not getting the assistance that you need? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this presentation is for you. It will give you an opportunity to examine your own personal networking style and learn how to become more effective by simplifying the process and building relationships that are rewarding and offer you powerful personal and professional connections. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, role-play and practice utilizing their new found networking skills in the group. 

  • Become aware of your own networking fears and understand how to manage them
  • Learn simple tips from Master Networkers that make the networking more enjoyable and easier
  • Expand your networking community by knowing how to give referrals and make effective requests
  • Learn what to do before and after a networking meeting to create the greatest sense of connection 
  • Understand how to avoid “networking blunders” that can ruin your chances of making a connection
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