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Mission & Vision


To inspire and guide individuals through significant Turning Points in their lives


Provide real world tools and strategies for professionals seeking career opportunities that are emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding. Through this process individuals will come to know themselves at a deeper level, recognize their unique gifts and contribute to humanity on a grand level.


I truly love my work! Coaching, teaching, speaking and writing are my venues for inspiring and guiding professionals who have reached a turning point in their careers. I have had the honor of working with over 10,000 professionals in a variety of classes, workshops and personalized coaching sessions that focus on the phases of Career Discovery, Career Design and Career Development.  Individuals come from a wide variety of industries and positions, yet they all share a common bond that is highly relatable. Each individual has a fervent desire to obtain work that is meaningful, allows them to take on challenges, acquire new skills, build relationships and make significant contributions. This combination is possible and I consider it a privilege to share the journey with my clients and students as they traverse toward their own successful outcomes.

My expertise combines real world experience, 1000’s of hours of education, training and certifications plus the normal “bumps and bruises of life” I’ve weathered along the way. My personal story began over ten years ago when I went through a major career transition after being in the corporate world for many years. There I was successful, gained a firm understanding of business principles (which I’m eternally grateful for), yet didn’t really feel a true sense of fulfillment. I was completely baffled on how to figure out “what I really wanted to be when I grew up,” and definitely didn’t have a clue on knowing which steps were necessary to be successful in my endeavors. I felt stuck, yet didn’t know which questions to ask, who to ask or where to find the answers that would ultimately would give me a sense of clarity.

Through my own experience, I realized the importance of having an experienced professional guide me. Someone who had an understanding of the full cycle of the career transition process and could give me a roadmap. Someone that could help me discover a career that would truly give me a sense of fulfillment and knew how to walk through the stages of planning and implementation. Someone who possessed the insight and strategies that would help me move past roadblocks when I got stuck and who most importantly sincerely cared about my success. Since that turning point in my own life, I have done my best to be that “someone” individuals can count on to guide them when they are in the throes of their own career transition.

Fortunately, what seemed to be a very confusing and challenging time in my own life serendipitously became a pathway to me helping others in the same quandary. My experience offers a real world business perspective coupled with a humanistic outlook and personal insight; a unique combination of professional expertise, understanding and compassion. I am committed to making the journey easier for professionals who don’t know what they want to do in their careers, need assistance with job search strategies or are simply stepping up to the next challenge in their careers. My dedication to this work gives me an opportunity to contribute and a sense of fulfillment that is unparalleled

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