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  • Why should one hire a Coach?

    Coaching is partnership that offers you new ways of looking at your current situation, creative brainstorming and someone who you can honestly talk to and cares about your success in life. Hesitation, procrastination and uncertainty can hold you back from taking the necessary steps forward in making your dreams become a reality. Coaching will help you move past the obstacles and compassionately holds you accountable for taking personal responsibility and action at an optimum level. Coaching celebrates successes, acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual and increases learning at all levels.

  • How could a Career Coach to Help Me?

    Some reasons why you would choose to work with a career coach include, but not limited to the following:

    • You have a lack of clarity concerning your future and your available career opportunities.
    • You are looking for more in your career than just a paycheck.
    • You want to transition into a new career or field.
    • You have gone through a major change and want to align your work and your life together in a more congruent way.
    • You are having a difficult time identifying your strengths and accomplishments and how to best leverage them into your next position.
    • You have gone through a series of layoffs and are feeling discouraged.
    • You are not getting the response you want from your current job search strategies.
    • You are getting interviews, but not job offers.
    • You are unsure on how to get the kind of job you want in today’s world.
    • You want some professional insight and support during your career transition.
    • You need assistance creating resumes, cover letters and marketing material.
    • You want to know the basic, intermediate and advanced job search techniques of today.
    • You are not sure how to negotiate the top dollar with a perspective employer.
    • You want to practice your job search skills with a professional so that you will be more prepared for actual interviews.
    • You want to know how to target key companies that you are interested in.
    • You feel burnt out in your career and don’t know what to do.
    • You know what you should be doing, but seem to procrastinate actually doing the necessary actions.
    • You have become unorganized and lost in your job search process and need clarity.
    • You have a desire to achieve a greater degree of success in your career.
    • You are feeling a lack of confidence in your work and/or your life.
    • It has become necessary to improve your communication skills in order to be successful in your career and life.
    • You feel stuck in a rut and want to learn how to creatively think outside the box
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