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Coaching Philosophy


Coaching Philosophy Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.
Henry David Thoreau

This quote reminds me of the importance of being a coach. If I can encourage individuals to sing their song during their lifetime, then I have lived my purpose. I believe that deep within each of us lay seeds of potential, purpose and passion that are waiting to be nurtured into existence. The careers we chose will often determine where we spend the greatest amount of time and energy and subsequently how we feel about our lives. It’s where we gain our sense of identity and fulfillment and develop our talents and skills. During a career transition, professionals may struggle to find a career that is more inline with their interests in the Career Discovery stage. Or they may find that they are in Career Design stage and are grappling to understand what tools and strategies are needed to become employed again. They may even find that they are in Career Development and are unsure how to take their career to the next level. Whatever the case, the transition period can often be disconcerting and many people feel alone in the process.

After all there is no instruction book that gives a step-by-step plan specifically customized for their particular situation. Other people may not understand their challenge or are unable to hear their trepidation from a neutral perspective. Financial concerns may loom, confidence can feel threatened and confusion reigns. Yet, somehow professionals are expected to know exactly what to do. I jokingly tell my students and clients if they are experts in searching for a job, then I’m really concerned; because that means that most of their lives they have been searching for a job instead of doing the work that they are best at!

I believe that each client’s experience during a career transition is unique and can’t be solved with a cookie cutter approach. What may be the right approach for one person can be drastically different for the next individual. My role as a coach is to foster critical thinking, promote acts of courage, elicit creative solutions and guide toward purposeful action. Even the difficult times can be a catalyst for learning and insight.

Through coaching individuals begin to feel a renewed sense of hope and power. With time-proven strategies and an environment that feels safe and trusting professionals begin to express themselves authentically and get results. Sometime all we need is to see ourselves through another’s eyes to remember who we are. I encourage clients to question the trap of desperation that the status quo can bring about and gain a greater sense of fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.


My style of coaching is ontological based and seeks to initiate transformational change through an awareness of body, language and emotions. Through the process clients are able to see situations with new eyes which allow them to have a wider range of choices and to build relationships built on trust. My approach with each client is customized and I draw from the fields of business, psychology, philosophy, science, theater and spirituality to access information that will be most beneficial for them and the way they interpret the world.

I consider myself somewhat unconventional, am an independent thinker and from an early age have asked the question what if? This question allows me to see opportunities for my clients that they may not be aware of and with my years of corporate and business expertise I can guide them through the steps that it takes to be successful. My clients describe me as energetic, inspiring, creative, intuitive, tenacious, nurturing, personable, supportive, insightful, direct and as someone who knows how to get results. If you want to know more about the coaching experience click here or check out FAQ’s

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