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You never know when you need an up-to-date resume

Whether you are looking for a job or are currently in a position, having a dynamic resume is essential to your career as a professional. Job search, networking, interviewing and linkedin profiles begin with the elements of strong resume. A resume takes time and is truly a work of art and one format definitely does not fit all. Below are very important questions to ask yourself about your resume…if it doesn’t meet the criteria, it is time to do an update.

Format – Is the format you are using the best one to showcase your experience for the position you are seeking? Do you have a regular resume, a networking resume and possibly a video resume?

Relevancy – Is the information that you’re putting in your resume pertinent to the specific position you are applying for? Are your accomplishments concise, strong and keyword rich? Have you highlighted key areas of strength and downplayed downsides in your career?

Design – Is the design of the resume attractive, clean and enticing for the reader to read through to the end? Do you have adequate white space, consistent line spacing and font size? Is your resume 1-2 pages and highlights the most important accomplishments that you have related to the position? Is it organized and logical?

Consistency – Is the information you presented in your resume honest, accurate and positive? Have you avoided irrelevant or duplicate information? Have you used strong verbs to begin your accomplishment statements and demonstrate your ability to do the position?

Grammar and Spelling – Have you kept your tenses consistent and removed personal pronouns? Have you edited, edited then edited again and received a professional opionion to make sure that everything is correct and consistent?

Branding – Have you created a unique brand with the content of your resume? Does it reflect your personality, style, values, determination, desire to achieve and unique appeal?

Wow Factor! – Could you use testimonials, pictures, graphs, color, logos, and other creative touches to make your resume stand out?

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will have in your lifetime and bottom line must convey a reason for a future employer to call you.

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