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What to look for when hiring a Career Coach


  • Coaching experience, number of individuals coached, years of experience, types of situations, why they chose to be a coach.
  • Specific coach training, skills, experience, certifications, additional training and ongoing learning.
  • Coaching specialties or type of clients they work with.
  • General philosophy and style of coaching.
  • The coach’s ability to listen to the underlying story and address in a variety of ways to meet your learning style.
  • The manner is which they create a plan of action that will help you get to your desired outcome.
  • Their coaching model, assessments they use and or process that will guide you through the process. Look for specific answers not vague generalities.
  • Request coaching success stories, specific examples of individuals who have done well and examples of how they added value to their clients.=
  • Assess their ability to listen and ask thought provoking questions that make you think and may even make you uncomfortable.
  • Watch for the manner in which they hold congruency in their life. Do they walk their talk-how do they follow through, what is the “extra they provide”.
  • Ask what professional resources and materials that they could include networking and research resources.
  • Ask for references of other clients they worked with, listen to what others say regarding their reputation.
  • Look for stylistic similarities and differences between the coach and you and how they might support your growth as an individual or the growth of your business.
  • Discuss your goals for coaching within the context of the coach’s specialty or the coach’s preferred way of working with an individual or team.
  • Have a personal interview with one or more coaches to determine “what feels right” in terms of the chemistry.
  • Find out what how the sessions are conducted, the frequency and cost.
  • Talk with the coach about what to do if you ever feel things are not going well; make some agreements up front on how to handle questions or problems.
  • Remember that coaching is a partnership; so be assertive about talking with the coach about anything that is of concern at any time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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