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A professional Career Coach helps you clarify your career goals

Choosing a Career Coach to help you with your Career Transition or Career Development is an important decision. There are several factors to consider to find the right coach for your specific needs. Career Services differ dramatically from coach, to coach and from service provider to service provider. Below is a clear comprehensive list of what services and deliverables my clients receive. If you would like to know more, give me a call and we can talk about where you are at and where you are getting stuck. Best of luck in your Career Transition!

1. Dealing with the Emotional Aspects of a Career Transition
2. Recognize values, opportunities, work preferences, ideal environment and future job vision
3. Rediscover talents, skills and accomplishments for Job Matching
4. Utilize Career Coaching, Assessments and Planning for new direction
5. Enhance communication and presentation techniques
6. Manage the preparation of a comprehensive Career Checklist
7. Build a Resume, Cover Letter & Reference Dossier
8. Create Career Marketing Collateral including Bios, LinkedIn Profiles & Webfolios
9. Build Personal Branding and Online Identity Management
10. Learn to utilize the 45 Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Job-Search Techniques for success
11. Design an effective Job Search Plan
12. Implement In-Person and Social Networking Strategies
13. Practice customized Interview scenarios
14. Rehearse Salary Negotiations methods
15. Review pending offers
16. Guide new position Onboarding process
17. Evaluate and create action plans for employee reviews
18. Establish new methods for conflict resolution and engagement
19. Goal setting and Yearly Review
20. Establish work for a Portfolio Career mindset


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