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May 2009 Blogposts


Yes, CEOs Should Facebook And Twitter

Social networking climbs to the top of the corporate ladder

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deals of the Day

During difficult economic times and career transitions people want to save money. As a Chief Career Strategist, I know how important it is to stretch your dollars and have put up the great Deals of the Day on this blog to help you out. Enjoy, save and add to it if you hear of some really amazing offers.

Free World Famous Wealth Creation Seminar with T-Harv Ecker

Join the nearly 1 million people whose lives have been positively changed at the Millionaire Mind Intensive 3-day seminar. Learn more about your beliefs about money and how to make opportunities work for you.
May 15-17, 2009—Los Angeles, CA
Enter promo code SA1656 and reference number 556543

Discount on DMV Registration Fees

This one came from a friend of mine…On May 19, the CA vehicle registration fee increases from .65% to 1.15% of the car’s value. That means that the VLF for a $30,000 car goes from $195 to $345 or from $390 to $690 for a $60,000 car.

Now, you can’t RENEW your registration until it is due and you get the forms in the mail. So if your registration expires in June or July, you have to pay the higher renewal fees even if you were to pay them before May 19.

Or, you can REGISTER your car (not renew) before May 19 and pay the lower fee. It will start a new cycle that ends in May, 2010. If your renewal date is within the next few months after May, you will come out ahead. You can do this at the Auto Club, if you are a member, or online at

Free Wi Fi in Orange County, CA

Get out of the house and hang out with other people. These locations and a laptop make it possible for free!

Starbucks Register your gift card and receive two hours of free internet access each day

Claim Jumper Yummy food and drinks plus free wifi



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