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Have you backed-up your Linkedin Profile Recently?

  Your Linkedin profile is a huge asset to your job search and losing your data can be extremely challenging and time consuming to recreate. Preventative measures go a long way in protecting your information. Listed below are the steps you need to do do to rest easy. Linkedin Profile 1. Go to Profile 2. Click on the PDF maker button…read more →

Focus and Relaxing your Brain is the Key

      You heard it before…focus…and relax. Now a technology from NueroSkype actually shows you in a live lab format how you can use your brain to perform various tasks an maximize your abilities by doing just that. Even, see how your mind can actually move objects! The technology has numerous applications, yet if we remember to focus…read more →

Jacquie Mosley wins the 1st CHEER Award

Jacquie Mosley is like many other people…looking for a job. However, while many people can easily fall into a pit of dispair when unemployment confronts them, Jacquie has kept a positive sense of optomisim, utilized creative thinking and holds onto a deep sense of gratitude despite any situation she experiences. Take a look at this video and see what an…read more →

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