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Twas the Day of the Interview

‘Twas the day of the Interview, I had prepared
Though I still felt a bit nervous and slightly scared
My accomplishment statements were written with care
And I had my best suit cleaned and ready to wear

My resume had been simplified and revised
I even got rid of the typos and the lies
Key skills were highlighted to my targeted job
I had been practicing and was clearly no blob

I ran out the door, and thought… I will do my best
I sprang into my car and drove toward the west
Arriving at the company’s site in a flash
Spit out my chewing gum and threw it in the trash.

The receptionist ushered me in with a smile
Do you want coffee? You’ll be here for quite a while
Actually what I really wanted was a beer
I replied no, and hoped someone would soon appear

The HR director came in, smiled and said hi
I knew in the moment I was their woman/guy
Though the many interview questions they came,
She queried and paused and even called me by name

“Tell me about yourself? What did you do?  How long?
Why did you leave? What have you done since you’ve been gone?
Hmm, Who do you know? Ohh, Why should we hire you?
Now again from the top what do you want to do?

As my voice began to squeak and mouth became dry
I reinforced the real reason behind the why
I had been so successful throughout my career
It was my strengths and skills I wanted her to hear

And then, out of the blue I heard her clearly proclaim
You would be great, lets see if others think the same
My mouth fell open, and I almost shrieked with joy
Down the hallway she led me to the boss named Roy

Dressed business casual with Cole Hahn loafers on his feet,
Said he was really pleased to have the chance to meet
And that there were a “bunch of monkeys” on his back,
What could I do to get him on the success track?

His eyes, they twinkled, as I shared my plan
He nodded when I told him, I know that I can
He chuckled when I asked him for the position
After all that was my intention and mission

He told me what to expect in the salary range
The tables had turned and this was a positive change
I had researched the position and was ready
Quietly, I sat there and held his glance steady

You’re making me an offer on the job? I asked
Then sat and played cool keeping my emotions masked
Negotiations began and I kept my wits;
We established base salary then benefits

He spoke the words I had waited so long to hear
”I’d like to offer you the job for the New Year”
I shook his hand and told him yes, said that was great
It was a perfect day that would guide my fate

I left the office feeling a sense of relief
It does really work if you have the right belief
Working your strategy is what you have to do

Written by Heather Wieshlow 12/2004
Turning Point Coaching and Consulting


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