What is the V.I.P. Suite?
Coaching can help you at any stage of your career and offers you an opportunity to know more about yourself, a way to move forward when you’re stuck and the ability to achieve greater results personally and professionally. The coaching relationship provides a trusting environment with a trained professional who is a supportive partner in holding you accountable for taking action toward your desired path of success. Through honest, thought provoking conversations you will gain insight and clarity, take on new challenges and growth opportunities and feel more aligned with what you desire in life. In order to help you accomplish this, a variety of tools, techniques, models, resources and strategies will be utilized to create and implement a personalized Success Action Plan that is based on your needs. So, if you have reached a Turning Point in your career and want to take the next step toward more fulfillment and understanding, take a moment to learn more about the coaching experience with us.

First, we will start off with a brief conversation over the phone to get acquainted with each other and you can share where you’re at currently in your life and what you would like to accomplish in relationship to your career. Our coaching model, processes and various coaching packages will also be explained. From that point, you can decide if you are ready to take the next step and set a no obligation Initial Assessment Session.

The Initial Assessment Session will last approximately an hour and a half and gives us an opportunity to delve deeper into the key areas that you would like the coaching to focus on. It will also allow us to gain an overview of your life and career, identify specific challenges that you might be facing, recognize blind spots you might not be aware of, an learn what is most important to you and how you processes information. During the session we will go through a detailed worksheet that covers each aspect of the Discovery Phase, Design Phase or Development Phase of your career so that you can see how we identify the specific areas we need to work on. We will also look at any areas where there might be “cracks” in your Personal Foundation and develop strategies to reinforce these areas for long term success. From the information that is gathered during this session we can then begin to create a Success Action Plan that is customized to your situation.

In addition, I will give you three to five Action Items that you can immediately implement and are directly related to your Success Action Plan. With this information you will have the experience of being coached and will be ready to start on the fast track toward your objectives. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed with the coaching program. Many of my clients have worked with me for years and it is very important that we have a relationship that offers you the services and style of coaching that works best for you. My client’s describe my style as inspiring, energetic, knowledgeable, positive, “out of the box” and insightful. We have fun in our sessions, are proactive, get things done and continually move forward in meeting challenges with a spirit of enthusiasm.

Many individuals prefer to do their Coaching Sessions in person, though other clients prefer tele-coaching because it offers flexibility for their busy schedules. It also offers individuals living outside the Southern California area, access to Full Service Career Coaching. Sessions are usually conducted in an hour or hour and a half increments, with more intensive sessions lasting two hours. The number of sessions that you require is highly individualized and depends on your specific needs and objectives. In general, they tend to range from five hours for a very basic program and up to twenty hours for a more intensive and in depth program. A program recommendation will be made at our first meeting and you can make the decision as to how you would like to proceed.

Clients usually meet with me every week or every other week depending on their urgency in moving forward, schedule and financial resources. Sessions includes a “check in”, follow-up on Action Items, acknowledgment of successes, discussion of any new issues that came up and focus on the next steps in the Success Action Plan. Also, email and phone contact in between sessions is welcome with any specific questions or wins that you might have.

To learn more about Turning Point Coaching Programs watch our video, read our Coaching FAQ’s and see Our Coaching Philosophy. For additional information contact us at heather@aturningpoint.com or 949-643-5505.

We consider it an honor to coach you on your journey. Carpe Diem!


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